Simply to ensure the best possible work for you by an experienced family business.
For a website that pays We have knowledge of SEO websites and expertise in search engines such as Google and Bing. Your customers are on the Internet ... and you?
For our efficient team of experts We have a stable team of Internet programmers, Internet project managers, graphic designers, database managers and ergonomics. This multidisciplinary team is able to offer the diversity of expertise required to successfully complete your Internet project.
For our modern facilities and our strength We occupy modern premises in a building belonging to us. In addition, we have all the licenses and equipment needed to serve our 500 customers.
For our reasonable costs and turnkey service We believe, as you do, that the cost of a project must reflect its quality and that the return on investment must be very fast and easily measurable.
For an advanced website referencing It is impossible to do a good job of SEO Internet without intervening in programming. This is why SEO is closely related to programming. Delisoft is an official Google partner.
For a complete after-sales service Even when your site is online, you can count on Delisoft's excellent after-sales service. All of our clients can attest to this close collaboration that is proving successful and sustainable, in addition to the importance we place on them. At Delisoft, the customer is king!

By working together and bringing together our wealth we can accomplish great things.
more than 500 customers
more than 4600 projects
15 employees
8 certifications
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Delisoft Makes Smart Sites


Why simply limit yourself to visitors sitting in front of a computer? Remember that more than 95% of Canadians own a mobile device and use it to shop online!

Visually Current

We have image professionals who will surprise you. With the Delisoft team, you will have a site that will surpass your expectations and above all, among the most trendy on the market.

Marketing Strategy

We have experts who do market research. We target new customers for you and direct them to your business. Take advantage of our powerful strategic campaigns.

Be #1 in Google

See all the success and the customers generated by the first results of Google, for a company like yours! This first page generates 93.5% of all clicks during a search (33% are attributed to the first position). And at Delisoft, we know how to do it for you!

Logic will take you from point A to point B. The imagination will take you where you want

Value For Money

At Delisoft, we rely on competition because it is for YOU that we work. We are not the cheapest on the market, nor the most expensive: we simply offer the best value for money in the entire industry in Quebec. It is good to invest in a website, but it must be profitable! And it is the role of our entire team of professionals to make sure it is.

After Sales Service

Even when your site is online, you can count on Delisoft's excellent after-sales service. Our experts will remain on the lookout to ensure the good performance of your site, in addition to agreeing on your satisfaction, throughout our partnership. All of our clients can attest to this close collaboration, which proves successful and sustainable, in addition to the importance we place on them. At Delisoft, the customer is king!

We Are Moving

Our team of web consultants will be proud to come and visit you directly in your company if you can not come directly to Delisoft. Feel free to request a free quote now and pay attention to our "Delimobiles" cars on the road!

Return On Investment

In 2018, it is not enough to invest a few thousand dollars in the programming of a beautiful website. Before launching blindly, make sure of the expertise and qualification of your agency, in terms of programming. Remember that a search engine is a machine and that the programming of your site must be clear and precise for this robot. A low-cost website seems tempting, but will not offer you a return on investment (ROI). Invest smartly!

Why Does Your SME Need A Website?

Your website is your business card that travels at lightning speed! It must be clean and the most user friendly. Thus, you will have new customers, especially if your site looks like you and differs from the crowd. It can simply offer your services and products, but also serve as an online shopping platform, thanks to the popular E-Commerce. In any case, it will be necessary to be sure to add the expertise of professionals who will guide you to the best results, with strong marketing campaigns.

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