Search engine optimization - SEO

SEO referencing (organic referencing) is a set of techniques used to position your website at the top of search engines according to specific sets of keywords.

Search engine optimization - SEO

4 good reasons to do SEO

1- Being #1 in Google pays off!>

Raise your business to the top of search engines in Google, the most well-known and used in the world. Be the elite in your field. Stand out from the competition and get a recurring and constantly evolving customer base. Being visible pays off!

2- Increase the number of visits to your website
3- Increase your turnover
4- Maximize your marketing ROI
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Search engine optimization - SEO
Why is SEO essential to your success?

It's good to acquire a website that showcases your products and services. However, do not forget that the latter must be visible in order to generate income. Without SEO, you will get few visits and therefore few sales.

Generating qualified traffic is one of the main reasons for SEO to be. This allows you to reach people who are really interested in the content of your site. This indispensable tool will allow you to convert your visitors into potential customers.

The second reason for doing natural referencing is that it is an investment on the (medium and) long term to be present on search engines, compared to paid referencing. Although one does not prevent the other of course.

A recent study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology shows that 90% of the products and services acquired, first of all, begin with a search on the Internet. Being well positioned pays off.

Search engine optimization - SEO
Calculate the return on investment (ROI) of your SEO strategy

The calculation of the ROI of SEO marketing strategies is used to make the right decisions and analyze the performance of the campaign (maneuver) or website.

You will receive a monthly SEO performance report containing the evolution of your positions by keyword, number of visitors, bounce rate, number of conversions and your return on investment.


The SEO makes it possible to improve the ROI of your web strategy thanks to an increase in your traffic and the number of qualified visitors who discover your products or services.

Search engine optimization - SEO
The #1 SEO agency on the South Shore

If you are looking for an SEO marketing strategy agency on the South Shore of Montreal, you have typed on the Google search bar keywords such as: website design, website design Longueuil, web marketing agency SEO, SEO agency Longueuil, SEO experts Longueuil, etc., and you have landed on our website. If we've managed to top the search engines in the world's most competitive industry, we'll have no trouble positioning your business too!

Methods approved by Google

As an SEO agency that holds the coveted Google Partner certification, we must meet the standards in order to ensure our clients have affordable, cost-effective and sustainable results. At Delisoft, no dubious practices or magic formulas out of nowhere (Black Hat) are used. We are constantly studying Google updates and suggested SEO / internet advertising best practices to ensure our clients the best quality on the market and the first organic positions.

No subcontracting

All SEO services offered by our agency are carried out in-house within our team of certified SEO experts (writing, translation, content optimization, link acquisition, etc.). We thus ensure you a first quality SEO service for a better visibility of your website and ensure that it appears quickly and durably on the first page of Google.

SEO and Google Ads strategies combined

Each activity finds its own expert. Unlike most web marketing agencies where some tasks are all performed by the same person, we prefer to mandate our staff according to their field of expertise. In an open work environment such as ours, we are still able to discuss with each other in order to exchange ideas, techniques and solutions on your different needs.

Search engine optimization - SEO
Our recipe for

Discover how we have raised more than 500 Quebec companies among our clientele to the top of the search engines.

Keyword targeting
SEO optimization on pages
External link campaigns
Increased traffic
Search engine optimization - SEO
The steps to a guaranteed success
SEO analysis and optimization

We develop the implementation of a successful SEO marketing strategy for your business that consists of analyzing the factors that influence your position in the search results. We also perform an analysis to find out what type of search internet users are doing and what are the best keywords that would be assigned to you.

While highlighting your demographics, we then conduct an analysis that consists of identifying the competitive strategies put in place.

Finally, in order to be well understood by Google, we will do the technical optimization of your site without affecting the visual aspect. This step makes a good impression on Google's crawlers.

Creating an effective SEO strategy

Backlink creation is one of the many tactics used in search engine optimization (SEO), as they tell Google if your site is relevant and credible. Therefore, websites with quality and consistent backlinks, will be better positioned on Google.

Backlinks are the most important positioning criterion for Google !

At Delisoft, we do not bet on the quantity of backlinks but on their quality, to improve the positioning of your website on Google with an unbeatable quality-price service on the market. Each quality backlink increases what is called the domain authority of your website, in other words the reputation and credibility of your website. Better to have a quality backlink than several that are irrelevant. With this in mind, we have been developing for 4 years our relationships with influencers in Quebec and elsewhere in order to always offer you the best link building service (EXTERNAL LINK CAMPAIGNS) in order to increase your positioning on Google and the visibility of your company.

Improve your local SEO

If your business operates in a specific geographic area, local SEO is essential for you!

Local SEO locates your business on a map with GEO (Geographic Engine Optimization), along with information such as your address and phone number. This has a major impact for people who are looking for a product or service close to their location.

In addition to pinning your business to Google Maps and opening a listing in Google My Business, you need to optimize and display your business information and keep it up to date: address, phone number, business hours, category and description.

For example, if you search for "web marketing agency" on Google, it first shows local results and offers agencies nearby, which necessarily helps your search. All in the "Google Maps" section of the search but also in the organic results.

Thus, the optimization of local SEO will have the opportunity to attract a consumer interested in the proximity that is offered to him.

A good local SEO strategy can allow you to be the leader in your territory and be an important source of traffic that should not be overlooked.

Tell Google where you are!

Content creation - inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a content creation strategy that generates more visitors through different techniques.

The goal is to attract a prospect using the web by having quality and unique content on his website or blog so that he can be seen and shared on social networks. The ultimate goal is to convert a prospect into a customer.

Delisoft will be able to meet your needs and support you in your complete and efficient inbound marketing strategy.


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