Google Ads

Be #1 in Google instantly on a weekly budget

Google Ads, formerly Google Adwords, is the most popular advertising platform in the world. It displays ads and banners that are targeted according to the keywords that the user types or according to his browsing behavior. In summary, these are the ads you see at the very top of the Google page, as well as on other partner sites.

It is an effective and fast way for a company to be at the top of search engines and make its products and/or services known with the help of an eye-catching ad containing targeted keywords.

Once the user clicks on your ad, it will be redirected to a landing page directly related to the keywords.

Advertisers pay only when the user clicks on the advertisement, according to an auction and quality system: the more relevant the ad is for the user, the lower the price per click will be and the ad prominently. This is to encourage advertisers to provide information relevant to the user's request.

As a Google Partner certified agency, Delisoft is able to get a return on your Google investment quickly. Start your advertising campaign now according to your budget.

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The advantages of Google Ads
Fast results

It only takes a few minutes to get your ads online

Advantageous prices

You only pay when people click on your ads

Everything is measurable

Your expenses, clicks, making contacts, etc.

Audience measurement

You target your audience very precisely

Quick edit

You make as many changes as you want

Control the budget

Stop when you want and manage your own budget

Google Ads
Why invest in
Advertising on Google Ads?

1. Fast results

You can get results in a few hours after setting up your advertising campaign on the web and start to make your investment profitable. A great way for businesses to generate new customers quickly.

The advertiser has full control over the keywords and cost per click they are willing to pay. Advertisers pay when the user clicks on the advertisement according to an auction and quality system.

2. Be at the top of the search results
We will determine with you the best keywords in order to be well positioned in the search results and better control the quality of your audience.
3. An increase in your website traffic
Google Ads advertising allows you to target people who are looking for your products and/or services. This is a real boost in traffic and notoriety for your business. So you will reach new customers and increase your revenue very quickly.
4. Absolute control of your ad
You can increase, reduce, or end your Campaign on Google Ads at any time, at no cost or delay.
Guaranteed return on investment

At Delisoft we are measurement freaks. So, each Google Ads campaign will be measured based on its return on investment.

We know that on average our websites turn between 2% and 6% of visitors into prospects. We will therefore use these metrics to provide you with a sufficient number of leads according to your goal and budget.

Lower the cost per click

Ad Optimization

Optimization of a web page

Return on investment

Google Ads
Our Google Partner Certifications

Delisoft is one of the only Quebec agencies to be Google Partner certified with the 9 Google certifications. We are therefore strictly required to offer high quality standards to our customers in order to maintain our certification. We are always up to date with new Google Ads features to help you adapt them to your needs, improve the performance of your campaigns, get the most out of your money by optimizing your bids, keywords, and ads, as well as other ideas to boost the overall performance and effectiveness of your campaigns.

You are therefore guaranteed to have a relevant return on investment by doing business with Delisoft.


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Google Ads
Concrete results!

Anyone can improvise "Google Ads Expert" but do they really know how to manage your investment wisely? Delivering a successful Google Ads campaign requires continuous action. It is always necessary to focus on the objective of the campaign and continuously optimize it by targeting the right keywords and territories, have an eye-catching ad and allow the company to gain visibility much faster. Google Ads doesn't always work well for some, depending on your industry. It is therefore very important to study your company and not to do blind tests. That's why, for example, we analyze your metrics such as click-through rate (CTR), your location, and cost per click (CPC) to get an idea of the performance of your Ads campaign.

Our priority is that you get a return on investment regardless of the budget invested. By choosing a team of professionals like Delisoft, you'll get more results with your Google Ads campaign.

When we manage a campaign, we give access to our client's account so they can see the magic happening!

Google Ads
Lower your cost per click (CPC)

Over time, we have discovered with our experience multiple strategies to reduce your cost per click of your Google Ads campaigns. Entrusting your Google Ads campaign to Delisoft also means ensuring that the experience we have gained by investing more than a million dollars in our customers' accounts is beneficial for your business.

By combining an SEO strategy, good landing pages and a successful Google Ads campaign, you will be surprised, amazed and happy to see how much Delisoft can save you, paying your cost per click much cheaper than our competitors.

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